Creativity, Activity, Service

As part of our CAS series, we explore Creativity, Activity and Service through individually focused days in Edinburgh.

Modern day Edinburgh is the perfect setting to delve deeper into the possibilities of CAS – with a spectacular Gothic UNESCO-listed old town playing host to some of the most dynamic and varied art schools and community projects in the world, while the surrounding Highlands offer endless outdoor activities.

In a deep exploration of this wonderful culture of community we discover the ancient art of Scottish storytelling, visit unique local arts projects, ramble and kayak through the glorious mountains, dance the night away in a traditional Ceilidh and get involved with some fantastic charities.

Creativity, Activity, Service

All our themes and activities are 100% flexible and can be mixed and matched to suit your group.

Day 1

  • Transport terminal pick-up by your dedicated CAS Trips tour guide
  • Hotel drop-off
  • Free time and Lunch
  • Walking tour –  A fascinating introduction to the unique history and culture of Edinburgh’s UNESCO listed old town by night, with some spooky tales from Edinburgh’s eerie past to electrify th wonderful central location.
  • Reflections Challenge – An introduction to the CAS Trips Network and Reflections Centre with personal student and teacher logins, online itineraries and amazing group sharing capabilities.


  • Your CAS Trips tour guide hotel pick-up
  • National Galleries – Scottish art spans thousands of years and in this tour of Edinburgh city centre’s world renowned art galleries, we will learn all about Scottish art’s close, ever-evolving relationship to Scottish culture and community and how it has evolved throughout the centuries – from the Prehistoric to the contemporary.
  • Lunch at Cafe Royal –  Scottish cuisine in this venerated restaurant, serving the finest Scots Oysters since 1863
  • The Scottish Storytelling Centre – The ancient Scottish art of storytelling goes back centuries and has come to define the folklore, wit and ingenuity of this wonderfully rich culture. As one of the last nations in Europe to receive the written word, storytelling came to be an extremely valued and treasured aspect of Scottish community and we discover just how, as master storytellers recount enchanting tales both old and new, before students are tasked with writing a story of their own, to be shared at the final day’s Ceilidh.
  • Space Club –  Space Club is a Scottish Charitable Organisation who’s main goal is to reclaim and revitalise unoccupied, derelict or abandoned buildings, transforming them into studio spaces for young artists to express themselves. At Space Club, students will explore this endeavour, be introduced to the Edinburgh modern artists’ community and, with the assistance of Space Club residents, in small teams students will reimagine, plan and design their own Space Club conversion.
  • Evening Meal


  • Your CAS Trips guide hotel pick-up
  • White Water Rafting – Situated just one hour north of Edinburgh among glorious lochs, towering highlands and the cascading River Tummel, the beautiful area of Pitlochry is merely one enchanting example of the varied Scottish nature and countryside.
    During this day trip of action and adventure, we begin with a thrilling morning of white water rafting assisted by our professional outdoor pursuits team.
  • Lunch
  • Scots team-building –  Following lunch, we continue to explore the area on foot in an afternoon of exploration, team building and Highland Games.
  • Evening Meal


  • Your CAS Trips guide hotel pick-up
  • Grassmarket Community Project – The Grassmarket Centre is the source of countless initiatives for regenerating and supporting the community. A tour will show how old church seating is recycled into beautiful ornaments and sold on to support the project and the community, while the herb gardens of Greyfriars Graveyard represent centuries of community action and regeneration. We will see how the creative energy of the formerly disenfranchised has manifested itself through the support of the project and the safe haven it provides by meeting artists who have had their lives turned around thanks to it. 
  • Lunch
  • Mosque Kitchen –  The famed Mosque Kitchen of Edinburgh has been handing out free food on the street for years, and not just as a way to help the poor, but also as a means to cross cultural boundaries. Students will be set the challenge of helping to prepare and share the food with the community, before an evening of interactive talks with members of the Muslim community about the importance of awareness and understanding towards multiculturalism in a modern city.
  • CEILIDH –  We finish with an evening of traditional Scottish song and dance – expect no slow waltzing, the legendary ceilidh is a night of intense group dancing and social fun. For many hundreds of years this is how the people of Scotland gathered and enjoyed their community and the company of friends and family. After the dance, students will present to one another the stories which they have written using all the skill of a local barb.

Day 5

  • Free time for souvenir shopping
  • Your CAS Trips tour Guide and bus driver hotel pick-up and departure terminal drop off

*itineraries are illustrative and can be altered to your specific academic needs or time constraints.