Refugee Aid

With the devastating war in Syria and ongoing conflicts throughout the middle east, Europe is experiencing the biggest displacement of migrants since the Second World War.

Over 1.5 million people have been forced to flee from their homes and embark on a treacherous journey across land and sea to seek a new life in Europe. The responsibility on EU countries is huge and the pressure on aid charities is immense.

As part of our Refugee Aid programme, students can help.

Before and after the trip, student groups will get the unique opportunity to directly communicate online with an internet cafe community within a Berlin-based Refugee Camp and get to know people their own age facing this extraordinary struggle, sharing stories and establishing their needs to plan CAS fundraising and awareness projects.

Upon arrival in Berlin, students will work with several refugee aid charities, meet volunteers, engage in focus groups, plan and deliver collaborative day projects within the camps, come face-to-face with the members of their online group, volunteer with ongoing aid projects and discover the day-to-day realities of Europe’s Refugee Crisis.

This a rare and unique opportunity for students to engage in direct charity with real people in need and decide the aims and direction of projects which will directly aid the lives of the people they meet.

This project would not be able to happen without the incredible work of our charity partners.

Refugee Aid

All our themes and activities are 100% flexible and can be mixed and matched to suit your group.

Day 1

  • Transport terminal pick-up by your dedicated CAS Trips tour guide
  • Hotel drop-off
  • Free time and Lunch
  • Walking tour –  This introductory tour of Berlin focuses on the painful splitting of the city over night by the erection of the Berlin Wall, visiting the renowned East Side Gallery where remnants of the wall were decorated by artists from all over the world in 1990.
  • Evening Meal – Traditional German cuisine in a wonderful central location.
  • Reflections Challenge – An introduction to the CAS Trips Network and Reflections Centre with personal student and teacher logins, online itineraries and amazing group sharing capabilities.

Day 2 

  • Your CAS Trips tour guide hotel pick-up
  • Volunteer Forum – Meet volunteers from one of Berlin’s Refugee Camps. Hear about their experiences, engage in Q&A and discover the day-to-day realities of voluntary work. The volunteers will help the group discuss and plan a collaborative activity to be delivered for refugees later in the trip.
  • Lunch
  • Refugee Emancipation project – For several weeks prior to the trip, students will be engaged in contact with a small focus group of young refugees using the Internet Cafe for Refugees via Facebook. During this eye-opening afternoon, students will meet the founder and be introduced to the work of the charity before coming face-to-face with the members of the focus group for a session of pre-planned team-building activities or aid projects, as determined by students themselves based on the needs of the focus group.
  • Evening Meal

Day 3 

  • Your CAS Trips guide hotel pick-up
  • Volunteer Work – under the guidance of charity organizers, voluntary workers and CAS Trips staff, students will be invited into a Refugee Camp to assist with the daily relief effort. The first task will be to deliver the collaborative project decided and planned the previous morning. Possibilities include team sports, artistic activities, English classes etc.
  • Packed Lunch
  • Voluntary Work continued – Students will be assigned to small groups who will assist in the daily aid effort within the camp. Tasks can include cooking and serving food, sorting food and clothing, restoration work and translation help.
  • Evening Meal

Day 4

  • Your CAS Trips guide hotel pick-up
  • De-brief and CAS project planning –  re-convening with the volunteers from Day 1, students will reflect on what they have seen and experienced and how they can continue their aid efforts into the school term by brainstorming possible CAS projects, fundraising and awareness schemes. 
  • Lunch
  • Free Time – Students can explore the amazingly diverse and hip Kreuzberg district, taking in the sights, sounds and souvenir shops for the afternoon.
  • Evening Meal

Day 5 

  • Your CAS Trips Tour Guide and bus driver hotel pick-up and departure terminal drop-off

*itineraries are illustrative and can be altered to your specific academic needs or time constraints.