Meet The Team

The Prague Team


Simon is an experienced International school educator and founder of CAS Trips. Born in York, United Kingdom, he first travelled to Prague in 2005 and was immediately captivated by the city’s ancient charm.

Simon has taught English Literature and Language at International Schools in Indonesia, Switzerland, Brazil and Czech Republic. Inspired by his experience of the IB diploma programme and a desire to inspire students to fulfill their maximum potential, he founded CAS Trips in 2012.


Originating from Newcastle, Australia, Kathryn has lived in Prague since 2007. Originally attracted by the region’s rich history and a curiosity about her Czech ancestry, she has since fallen in love with the culture, landscape and people and is now settled with a family.

A graduate in Theatre and Film Studies, Kathryn is an established actress in Prague with a professional background in drama education and always enjoys helping her students develop their skills in a fun and meaningful way.


Prague's best Tour Guide

After growing up in England, Malayasia and finally Australia, Callum possessed an avid interest in travel from a young age. Seeking adventure and new opportunities he came to Prague to complete his finance studies at the famous Charles University.

Quickly realising that office life was not for him he channelled his passion for history and his outgoing nature into becoming a tour guide in Prague. His outstanding oratory skills, light-hearted nature and dry wit combine with a great depth of knowledge and a gregarious personality to make him one of the best tour guides in Prague.


Pavel was born in Czechoslovakia and raised under the cloud of a communist regime. His experiences during childhood were unforgettable and his tales of the bizarre world of Communist bureaucracy and the climactic events of the Velvet Revolution contrive to give him a fascinating perspective on Czech history.

Pavel’s adventures have taken him far afield, including London, Dublin and Australia, but after all his travel he has concluded that planet earth can provide few places more satisfying than the Golden City of Prague and its world-beating Pilsner.


Although Australian by birth, tour guide Ashley is a descendant of Hungarian and Romanian ancestry so it came as no surprise to his family when he chose to settle in Prague.

Ever since his first visit to the city in early post-Communism the culture, traditions and ever-visible history of the city captivated him and he made frequent pilgrimages until finally settling in Bohemia in 2008. A journalist and actor by trade, Ashley revels in the opportunity to recount the history of Prague to visiting groups.


Tom has lived in Prague since 2009 and is a member of our expert tour guiding team. Having graduated in European History, specializing in Trade and Industry, Tom decided to pursue his deep love of travel and history.

After a short period living in Barcelona, he moved to Prague – lured by the fairytale landscape and intriguing history of the city – and has been enchanting tour groups with tales of Bohemia’s past ever since.


Following his university graduation, Tijo relocated to the city of 1000 spires in 2011 after a long-standing love affair with Czech history, architecture and culture and he has never looked back.

Originating from the Netherlands, Tijo has amassed huge experience as a guide across Czech Republic. But his talents don’t stop there – he is also a qualified psychologist and wonderful singer, so be sure to ask him for a song!