CASTrips Web Portal


We encourage students to plan, engage and reflect before, during and after the trip—with our unique CAS CONNECT! Web Portal.


All students and teachers receive personal logins to CAS Connect! before the start of their trip several weeks in advance of their trip. This way they can access all their group’s information instantly via smartphone, tablet or laptop at any time.

Parents can also stay up-to-date and share the fun with our unique CAS Connect! parent access.


The CAS Connect! Media Gallery allows students, teachers, parents and CAS Trips staff to share photos, images and videos before, during and after the trip.

The private group also allows participants to comment and discuss posts, while parents can also follow the action from back home!


We aim to prove that reflections can be fun, fast and effective by utilizing all forms of multi-media in the CAS Connect! Reflections Centre.

We challenge students to upload image, video and short written reflections. The Reflections Centre also contains many expert tips, written by our IB teacher to help students and prove IB reflections need not be a burden.


Through CAS Connect! your group’s final itinerary, meal choices, charity partnerships information, CAS Service Challenge instructions, emergency contacts, and all essential information specific to your trip and activities can be found in one place – accessible anywhere, anytime – and downloadable before, during and after your visit.

Video Reflections

Videos reflections about students’ experience, as submitted as part of the Reflections Challenge:

Photo Reflections

Photo reflections with accompanying captions, as submitted as part of the Reflections Challenge by CAS Trips students:

“Visiting this room especially made me realise how lucky we are, and increased feelings of disbelief; not able to understand how other human beings can do such cruel things to each other. Since it was my first time visiting such a camp, it was a very emotional experience and it will be once of the first things I will remember from our cultural trip in Prague.”

Tom on his visit to Terezín Concentration Camp

“It made me realize how wrong this image of homelessness created by society is. Just because someone is homeless doesn’t mean that they are frightful. Obviously they had a life prior to their struggles and they are normal people too – something which we often forget. And they deserve the human values that every person deserves.”

Natalia on her CAS homeless experience

“The kitchen turned out to be really nice and had all the supplies we needed. Everyone was working really hard and I enjoyed being able to make short clips and take pictures. The organization was very good, and I felt like everyone really wanted to work and was motivated. I mostly enjoyed this activity knowing that we were making something that would go to people who would appreciate it and that were also in need of it.”

Nora on cooking for the homeless


CAS Connect! is our way to ensure everyone knows what time breakfast is or who to call when they run into a problem or have a question.

We take IB Reflections seriously and our focus on digital content allows students to use their smartphones, laptops and tablets pro-actively to plan, reflect and document their experience in a meaningful and hassle-free way.

CONNECT! For Parents

Parents will receive comprehensive CAS Trips Parents’ Guides, containing all information about our company, the city and their child’s itinerary and activities many weeks in advance of the trip.

During the CAS Trip, parent can access CAS Connect! and access the group’s detailed daily schedule, get Staff contact numbers and view the group’s  shared Media Gallery  to share in their child’s experience of a lifetime!