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CAS Trips




We believe Creativity should be innovative, challenging and progressive. Creativity experiences include street art, theatre, music, design and architecture challenges and workshops.
We provide exhilarating activities, tours and projects that demand students to participate in exciting individual and team collaboration challenges using new and unfamiliar experiences, sports and adventures.
We work together with local charities and organisations to tackle Global Issues and allow students to experience first-hand social service co-operation and participation.


"The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect."


The International Baccalaureate program is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic education programs in the world. The core Creativity, Activity and Service elements are designed to push students’ knowledge, understanding and interaction with the world.

As a team of experienced educators and tourism industry experts, our aim is to engage the principles of the IB DP program to Educate, Challenge and Inspire students to get the most out of their CAS commitments through the most exciting way possible - experiential learning.

CAS Trips cities have been carefully selected based on the quality and meaningfulness of the experiences available. City themes provide an excellent gateway to stimulating academic topics such as the effects of political change, European history, social problems, war and peace and art and design.



One of CAS Trips’ principal aims is to challenge students’ knowledge, assumptions and beliefs by tackling Global Issues of importance head on.

The Service aspect of each tour is based on at least one Global Issue. Students explore and discover the realities of this Issue before engaging directly with interactive Service Challenges

Themes include; Homelessness, The Environment, Refugee Aid, Community, Sustainability, Elderly Care and Intercultural Understanding

Our aim is to enhance understanding and respect in the most exciting way possible – learning by doing in co-operation with local and international charities as well as respected and progressive organizations.



Our objective is to fulfil as many of the IB's 7 LEARNING OUTCOMES as possible, with particular emphasis on undertaking new challenges, working collaboratively, engaging with issues of global importance and developing new skills.

CAS Trips’ partnerships with local and international community service projects, give students a truly unique opportunity to learn about the realities of voluntary work and really make a difference with their own collaborative charity Service Challenges.

Through our fantastic online CAS Connect!portal, students, teachers and parents can access all essential information about their trip while also taking the multi-media Reflections Challenge

All CAS Trips activities and themes can be mixed and matched to suit your specific academic or budget needs and are delivered by our young, energetic team of professional guides in a truly engaging, interactive way.


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CAS Trips is an independently owned and operated organisation that has no affiliation with the International Baccalaureate